How to Choose a Professional Tax Consultant

Hiring a tax consultant in Indonesia is a good idea so that you can focus more on developing your business. A tax consultant can assist you with preparing, calculating, and filing taxes. There are so many tax consultants out there who offer their own specialties, services, and benefits. If you are going to hire one, here are several things you must consider.

Having a License from the Director General of Taxes

The first and most important thing you must do when choosing a tax consultant is to check if they have a practice license from the Directorate General of Taxes. This license from the authority shows that they are registered and professional to do the job so that you will not get scammed. When a tax consultant applies for a license to be one, there are several indicators that they must meet to prove their credibility as a tax consultant.

Therefore, tax consultants who already have a license from the authority are more trusted. You can also hire the one that has certificates showing their specialties.

Obey the Tax Laws and Regulations

Have you ever met a tax consultant offering tax evasion? If you meet such a tax consultant, do not hire them. Instead of bringing profits to your company, they will only give you problems. There are 2 things you have to know, which are tax avoidance and tax evasion. Tax avoidance is avoiding taxes legally through procedures set by the government. On the other hand, tax evasion is an illegal act by evading or embezzling money.

Tax evasion will only harm you once the Directorate General of Taxes caught you. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a tax consultant who understands and obeys the tax laws and regulations.

Good Track Records

Tax consultants with a good track record and reputation also indicate that they are trustworthy and professional. You can check their track records from clients’ reviews on their official websites. Most professional tax consultants usually have their own official websites. There, you can read reviews from previous customers and see how many clients they have handled. You can also find such information on forums on the internet.

Those are things you must consider when choosing a tax consultant. Before hiring one, make sure you already know what type of tax needs you need. This way, it will be easier for you to find a suitable tax consultant in Indonesia.


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