What You Need to Know About Tax Consultants

Have you ever hired a tax consultant in Indonesia? For those who have a tight schedule, various activities related to taxes and administrative activities are like a challenge. Moreover, filing and paying taxes include a long, complicated process. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional like a tax consultant.

The main job of a tax consultant is, of course, providing a tax consulting service to taxpayers to help them carry out their rights and fulfil their tax obligations in accordance with tax laws and regulations. In a nutshell, a tax consultant is a person who will help taxpayers in managing all tax-related stuff. Keep reading to find out more about this profession.

Obligations and Authorities of Tax Consultants

A tax consultant must provide a tax consulting service to taxpayers to carry out their rights and obligations in accordance with the applicable tax laws and regulations, comply tax consultants’ codes of ethics, be guided by the professional standards of tax consultants issued by tax consultant associations, participate in ongoing professional development activities organized by tax consultant associations, and fulfil a sustainable professional development credit unit.

Moreover, it is a must for a tax consultant to submit the tax consultant’s annual report, as well as notify any changes to the name and home and office addresses in writing by attaching the evidence of the said changes. When you are hiring a tax consultant, they have authority over you in tax matters, including:

  • Filling, signing, and submitting tax returns and/or tax correctional tax returns that are not through an administrative system integrated with the Directorate General of Taxes.
  • Application for tax payment installments and/or the settlement process.
  • Requests for postponement of tax payments and/or the settlement process.
  • Application for book-entry and/or the settlement process.

Functions of Tax Consultants for Corporates

If you are a business owner or your work involves managing the company’s taxes, hiring a tax consultant will make your job easier. The basic function of using this service is to clearly find out the types of taxes charged on your company, as well as to know the amount of expenses that you must deduct from the income.

Moreover, a tax consultant can also assist to provide accurate tax calculation and make sure that you file and pay taxes in accordance with your company income and applicable laws. You can also get a detailed report about the types and amount of taxes you need to pay each tax period from a tax consultant in Indonesia.


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