TBrights, initially a Tax and Business Consultant Firm in Jakarta Indonesia with has comprehensive services of Tax, Business and Training. 

Our Firm consisted of Partners which has experiences in all aspects of tax, business and legal. Specially for Tax Services, as Registered Tax Consultant in Jakarta Indonesia, Led by a former Chief from the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT), our Partners have had much experience in the DGT moreover in the tax and business consultation field for more than 24 years , particularly in the area of Compliance, International Tax and Transfer Pricing.

On June 2016, TBrights made an Associate Partnership Agreement with VDB Loi to expand our law and tax advisory services. VDB Loi is a network of leading law and advisory member firms and affiliated companies that comprises of nine partners and over 100 lawyers and advisors, with offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, and representatives in Singapore and Tokyo, where they provide the highest quality solutions for transactions and taxation.



TBrights, once a tax and business consultant firm, is now expanding into an integrated business service in Indonesia. Our integrated services, not only consists of tax, but also elaborating into legal, audit, valuation, until customs and expatriate services. We are able to provide you with comprehensive solutions for the assurance of your business to help you and your Company create a stable and reliable business environment since establishing the business, expanding, until achieving its goals. Specially for Trainings, TBrights has a ITPC (International Tax & Transfer Pricing Center) division, that organizes Tax & Business Training/Seminar especially International Taxation and Transfer Pricing.

TBrights has 5 Partners in area of tax services, 2 Partners in legal services, 1 Partner in audit services, 2 Partners in customs services, 1 Partner in valuation services and 1 Partner in expatriate services.

With our expertise and wide range of services, we can offer you a standpoint providing an integrated services as you strive to expand your businesses both nationally and regionally. 

We hope you put faith and trust us in managing your tax and business issues. Should you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to call us at +621-5279470 or email at tbrights@tbrights.com.

Let us be your TBrights, your tax and business expert.

Registered Tax Consultant in Indonesia

Registered Tax Lawyer in Indonesia

Registered Lawyer in Indonesia

Registered Valuator in Indonesia

Registered Auditor in Indonesia

Registered Customs Consultant in Indonesia

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