What is a Tax Consultant?

A tax consultant in Indonesia is a service often used by businessmen to help assist them in filing and paying their taxes. The presence of a tax consultant is a necessity, especially for businessmen who already have several branch companies. The process of filing and paying taxes is pretty complicated so that some people prefer to hire a tax consultant to do the job.

Tax consultants will help them to calculate, compile, and file their taxes. Keep reading to find out more about this profession.

About Tax Consultants

A tax consultant is a profession that provides a tax consulting service to taxpayers. This service is provided in order to help taxpayers fulfilling their obligations in accordance with tax laws and regulations. Tax consultants must have an official license from the authorities to be a professional, registered tax consultant.

In a nutshell, a tax consultant is a person in charge of assisting taxpayers to manage all matters related to taxes. With the help of tax consultants, it is hoped that every taxpayer who hire them can carry out their tax obligations properly.

Services Provided by Tax Consultants

Below are the kinds of services provided by a tax consultant in Indonesia.

  • Tax Compliance

This service takes care of things related to a client’s tax compliance, such as calculating, paying, and filing taxes. Moreover, this service also includes estimating or calculating taxes that taxpayers will pay, making fiscal corrections, and so on.

  • Tax Planning

As the name tells, this service helps taxpayers to plan their taxes so that they can optimize their profits. Also, this service helps taxpayers in preparing and managing tax-related data that will be filed in accordance with tax provisions.

  • Consultation

A tax consultant, of course, provides a consultation service regarding taxes. Tax consultants must also provide every information related to the most recent and latest tax laws and regulations to their clients.

  • Tax Report Examination

This service evaluates data related to a tax burden that puts clients at a loss and harm their businesses. A tax consultant can help taxpayers to reduce their tax costs without having to violate the tax rules, regulations, and provisions.

  • Tax Refund

This service is for those who need a tax overpayment refund. A tax consultant will help them with the process, starting from data preparation, submission of refund, inspection, to the final process of receiving the excess tax refund.

So, do you think you need to hire a tax consultant in Indonesia?

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