Yoga Permana

Partner – Customs Services

Yoga Permana have 10 years work experience at Korean Company Group as a Customs Clearance and import permit related to Indonesia Import Regulations, he is also easily to communicate with new people. With Customs Expert Certificate, his Customs Clearance experiences are  :

  • To make sure all import goods is save in clearance process and immediately out from customs area, including HS Code determination and handling import permits
  • Finalized Customs Audit
  • Drafting/submitting objection letter to Customs related with SPTNP, SPKTNP, SPP and SPSA
  • Drafting/submitting appeal letter to the Tax Court related with Customs Objection Decision

Import Permit Experience :

  • Searching/Learning/Applying Any New Import Regulations from Institutions and Ministries
  • Persetujuan Impor Produk Kehutanan
  • Due Diligence and Import Declaration
  • Persetujuan Impor Impor Barang Modal Tidak Baru
  • Persetujuan Impor Besi, Baja dan Produk Turunannya
  • Surat Keterangan Izin Edar Alat Kesehatan
  • KT. 2 dan PIB pada SSM Pabean Karantina INSW
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