Our Tax Services is more that you can expected, with at least Two of Our Partners every works, will make your Tax Safe

As registered tax consultants in Jakarta indonesia, we assist domestic tax planning and international tax planning in a legal way according to the current tax provisions/treaty. The goal is to streamline and minimize the tax burden of tax problems that may occur without having to evade and violate the tax laws.

With our team of experienced professionals in the area of International Taxation, our technical knowledge and practical experience will assist your company to make the best of every tax opportunities worldwide. You will also be able to avoid risks be informed of all consequences to any situations that may arise.

Trust our team to give you the best advice and manage you structure your worldwide business with our global tax planning in an efficient and reliable way both locally and globally including strategic moves on cross-border transactions and the more favorable ways to optimize your profits, including the best structure to locate royalty and intellectual property rights.

Our transfer pricing experts assist documentation requirements with Local File, Master File and Country by Country Reporting that analyze the arm’s length of the affiliated transaction prices with strategic, and consistent basis that enables your word wide business to achieve effective and efficient international tax transaction goals.

When two or more companies related in a Multinational Enterprise arranges all aspects of its pricing of trades on its goods and services in the global complex market, a transfer pricing occurs.

With globalization as a tough competition where intercompany and cross border transactions are more varied and increase in its volume, have made transfer pricing a great risk issue for global business. The concern of the tax authorities all over the world is that transfer pricing may be used by MNE’s to shift income and tangible or intangible assets from one country or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions with a more favorable tax rate or no tax rate, hence a non double taxation may occur.

MNE’s must use the best and appropriate advice to make a strategy in restructuring their related party transactions within related party’s while at the same time they must be in line with the existing and new regulations by the tax authorities.With experience as transfer pricing auditors and practitioners from the Directorate General of Taxes, our Partners at TBrights is able to help you manage risks with practical transfer pricing solutions covering the whole business operation and targets. Starting from Transfer Pricing Review and Transfer Pricing Planning, we are also able to support you with strategic Transfer Pricing Documentations with analyzing you Transfer Pricing Comparable to support your international trade and transactions pricing thus help you resolve your disputes and audit efficiently and effectively. We also conduct benchmarking study, and make strategies from exact assessment methodologies to design inter-company transfer pricing policies adopted in each of your unique business operation. We also assist you in resolving your dispute issues with the Tax Authorites in tax objection, tax appeal, Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) and Advanced Pricing Agreement (APA).

Our professionals are ready to review the tax compliance in all aspects of the transactions in terms of tax and identify potential tax risks arising from each transaction or business activity as well as calculate the tax payables of the identified results.

Tax Audit is still confusing for some taxpayers since many taxpayers are not ready if Taf Office make an audit. Let TBrights assistance you to make tax audit clear.

Our firm’s provides an overall tax consulting services for Individual / Corporate for calculating Monthly and Annual Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Employee Income Tax, Value Added Tax / Sales Tax on Luxury Goods, and Withholding Tax; and other professional services such as Tax Planning, Taxable Person Confirmation Letter and Tax Audit.

In terms of annual tax returns, TBrights will assist you to prepare the tax calculations from the data provided, including reporting annual tax return and their tax payments.

  • Annual Income Tax Return for Personal Taxpayers  (Form 1770)
  • Annual Income Tax Return for Personal Taxpayers  (Form 1770S)
  • Annual Income Tax Return for Personal Taxpayers  (Form 1770SS)
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax Return (Form 1771 include 1721 A1)

Based on practice, many taxpayers bear the burden of high taxes resulting from high impositions of tax payable and severe tax penalties. This generally occurs due to unmanaged and improper tax administration and late in withholding tax, tax payment, tax reporting and financial policies.

Our firm services are ready to assist the fulfillment of tax compliance services in order to be managed properly and on time in accordance with the tax provisions.

We also provide consulting specific tax issues for monthly reports, including:

Income Tax Art 4 (2), Art 15 – Final
Income Tax Art 21/26, Art 22, 23/26
Income Tax Art 25
For these monthly returns, our professional services of TBrights will help you prepare tax calculations from the data provided, including filing the monthly reports and their tax payments.

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