Tommy Hendharto Oetomo, SE, ME

Managing Partner

Tommy is the Managing Partner of TBrights. He has worked for the Directorate General of Taxes (Indonesian Tax Authority) for more than 18 years. With studies starting from STAN and continuing to become as a Master of Economics in Economics of Antitrust – Business Competition Graduate of the University of Indonesia, his last position in the organization was Head of Supervision and Consultation division at Kebayoran Baru 3 Tax Office, Jakarta.

During his employment he held several strategic and key positions. He did taxation supervision and analysis for local and multinational companies; moreover, he did the same thing for legal entities and foreigners in the Foreign Corporate & Individual #1 Tax Office since 2009. He was awarded as the best employee from Director General of Taxes in the 2010 after successfully completing several international tax cases.
In 2014, Hendharto resigned from the Directorate General of Taxes. Prior establishing TBrights, he served in PT Angkasa Pura Solusi as Deputy Director of Finance. He is also an active as a trainer in various organizations and universities.


Olina Rizki Arizal, SE, SS, MA


Olina has worked for the Directorate General of Taxes for 17 years with several strategic positions. Starting from STAN and as a Master of Arts in International Relations Graduate of Tsukuba University, Japan, her last position was as Head Section of Analysis of International Tax Regulations for 4,5 years, besides involving as an Indonesia Delegate in various International Agreements. She has also experience as a Head of Finance, HRD.

She has also experience as a Head of Finance, HRD and General Affairs where she was appointed as Coordinator to analyze, and make plans in gathering tax revenue specially for Permanent Establishments in Indonesia and Foreign Investment Companies. Besides that, she experienced as a tax auditor for Local and Foreign Investment Companies and awarded Best Employee with this work, and also experienced as a Deputy Director of General Affairs in a private company. In 2009, she was once again awarded for her dedication and involvement in International Tax Administration and Research from the Director General. Olina is well knowleged in various subjects such as Exchange of Information, International Taxation, Tax Treaties and Transfer Pricing


M Riza Pahlevi, SE, MM


Riza is Partner of TBrights. He has worked in the Directorate General of Taxation for 20 years. During he work period, he has held several strategic positions, where he performed financial statement analysis and evalution of internal control systems as well as provide advice to taxpayers on all their financial activities. With studies starting from STAN and continuing to become as a Master of Financial Management Graduate of the Universty of Indonesia with Cum Laude Predicate. Riza has passed Level One Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and technical analysis to provide forecasting values on the trend of stock prices in the future. Riza also has a certificate in the field of Investment Manager Representative from Capital Market Representative Jakarta


Adi Riyanto

Partner of External Affairs

Mr Adi organizes the firm’s communications strategies including oversight of all aspects of internal and external communications. He is also coordinating public relations for the firm.