Cost of living Consideration for Expatriates in Indonesia: Fashion

Indonesia merupakan negara di kawasan Asia Tenggara yang memiliki beragam bahasa, budaya, wisata kuliner, beragam fashion, tempat wisata, dan lain sebagainya yang bisa kita gali lebih dalam. Selain itu, Presidensi G20 yang dilakukan Indonesia pada tahun 2022 berhasil mendorong dialog dan mencapai beberapa kesepakatan antar negara G20 di tengah situasi yang penuh tantangan. Acara sukses digelar di Bali International Covention Center (BICC) The Westin, Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali. Keberhasilan tersebut juga mendorong negara-negara lain untuk ikut mendukung program transisi energi. Oleh karena itu, banyak ekspatriat yang datang ke Indonesia.

Sepanjang tahun 2022, hunian ekspatriat kembali ramai dihuni, didominasi oleh kawasan bisnis terpadu (CBD) Jakarta, termasuk Jakarta Selatan. Ekspatriat adalah orang berkewarganegaraan asing yang bertempat tinggal sementara atau bertempat tinggal di luar negaranya karena alasan tugas negara atau profesi. Ada beberapa kawasan favorit di Jakarta yang dijadikan hunian para ekspatriat, seperti Menteng, Kuningan hingga Pondok Indah. Pada umumnya kawasan ekspatriat berlokasi di dekat kantor perusahaan multinasional seperti kawasan segitiga emas Jakarta, Jalan TB Simatupang, dan Jalan Kemang Raya. Untuk kawasan pemukiman umumnya seperti di Kemang, Permata Hijau, atau Kelapa Gading. Basis ekonomi wilayah ekspatriat adalah jasa, perdagangan, dan bisnis ritel. Jadi, kawasan ini prospektif sebagai lokasi investasi rumah, town house, apartemen, ruko, ruko, atau jenis properti komersial lainnya. Indonesia mempunyai iklim tropis, normalnya di Indonesia berkisar ±30 derajat Celcius atau bisa lebih tinggi hampir sepanjang tahun. Untuk itu pemilihan pakaian yang tepat dapat menunjang aktivitas sehari-hari dan berikut tipsnya:

Tips memilih pakaian yang tepat

  1. Pilih pakaian yang ringan

Usahakan memilih pakaian dengan bahan yang ringan. Tidak ada salahnya untuk menimbang berat pakaian di tangan sebelum memakainya karena pakaian yang ringan akan membantu sirkulasi udara dengan baik saat tubuh terasa panas.

  1. Perhatikan bahan pakaiannya

Pastikan juga bahan pakaian yang Anda pilih tadi memiliki serat kain dengan sirkulasi udara yang baik sehingga suhu di dalam pakaian akan terlindungi dari gerah.

  1. Pilih bahan yang nyaman

Pilihan bahan pakaiannya banyak sekali, seperti katun, linen, viscose, sutra, katun jersey, dan masih banyak lagi. Jadi, kita harus tahu bahan mana yang paling banyak menyerap keringat.

  1. Pilih keluaran yang tepat

Di negara tropis ini, Anda hanya perlu mengandalkan celana jeans atau sweater untuk mengatasi hawa dingin.

  1. Sesuaikan dengan aktivitas

Adjust the clothes to the activity to be done. If you want to do activities outside the house, always make sure to wear a thin top. But don’t forget to keep bringing a thick exterior to avoid the cold in the rainy season. If you want to spend time indoors, you don’t have to bring thick outside, let alone use it. Wear comfortable clothes.

  1. Closed clothes

Closed clothing can reduce the shock of the eye directly to the skin, so it will notfeel cooler.

  1. Use bright colors

Brightly colored clothes reflect more sunlight than dark-colored clothes. Therefore, when in a tropical country like Indonesia and has outdoor activities, choose white, light blue, gray, and other bright colors.


Jabodetabek Expatriate Area

Jakarta has its own magnet ranging from crowds of people who flock to find work, entertainment, food, to fashion has its own charm. For expatriates who want to find fashion from well-known brands, you can find it in the following areas that are affordable from expatriate housing areas, including:

Menteng: Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Sarinah

Kuningan: Lorre Avenue

Pondok Indah: Pondok Indah Mall 1, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Pondok Indah Mall 3

Kemang: Lippo Kemang Village

Kelapa Gading: Mall Kelapa Gading

Permata Hijau: Senayan City

SCBD: Pacific Place

The price range offered also varies from hundreds of thousands of rupiah to millions you can find in these malls. Another alternative to buy clothes can be found in Blok M Square, Thamrin City, ITC Kuningan. In these malls you can find pocket-friendly prices.


The area of Bali Expatriates

Canggu: Canggu Village is located in North Kuta sub-district, Badung Regency, Bali. The village is famous for its surf beaches. Unlike Kuta which is a tourist destination, Canggu is more attached as an expatriate area.  For shopping matters there is no need to doubt, because Canggu offers a wide range of products. Starting from surfing needs you can find in the coastal area of Canggu. If you want to buy souvenirs, don’t forget to stop by Bali Niki Natural Art Market and Love Anchor because there you can find various and affordable souvenirs. It’s incomplete if you don’t have typical Balinese fashion that you can find at The Locals which sells men’s and women’s clothing made by local designers, then if you get bored you can stop by La Laguna Gypsy Market because there you can shop for fresh fruits, clothes accompanied by live music from local musicians. Next there is the Old Man’s Market which sells a variety of products, ranging from pastries, clothes, to jewelry which is only open once a month. Then, if you want to buy clothes from well-known brands, you can find them at Bamboo Blonde. For expatriates who have lived in Canggu for a long time and want to decorate their homes, you can find it at Billie’s. The products offered are bohemian style which is very chic and vintage. In addition to buying decoration equipment that will always beautify the house, there you can buy clothes too.


Expatriate Industrial and Mining Estates

Cikarang : Asian expatriate area for Japanese and Korean

Cikarang area is a global scale industrial area. Therefore, more than a thousand foreign expatriates settled in the Cikarang area. This area is nicknamed as the City of Asia because many foreign expatriates are found Japanese and Korean. Along with the continued increase in foreign workers, the development of ma l l will also occur in Cikarang. It is based onthe high purchasing power of expatriates.

Chadstone Mall is a new mall with a more modern and fresh building. There you can find needs ranging from fashion to culinary. If you want to shop with various tenants, you can stop by Lippo Cikarang Mall where there are department stores, Hypermart, ACE hardware to the Cinemaxx cinema which is crowded at the end pecans and holidays. If you want to have a culinary tour, you can stop by Citywalk Lippo Cikarang in which there are many contemporary food tenants. Another alternative is Sentra Grosir Cikarang which is suitable for buying goods wholesale and its location is quite strategic because it is in an industrial area and surrounded by residential areas, then there is the Farmers Market which provides various types of daily necessities such as groceries and hygiene products. In addition, there is Plaza Roxy which provides various electronic needs.

Morowali: Bahonsuai Traditional Market

The Bahon suai traditional market in Bumi Raya District, Morowali District, Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi) is crowded with housewives. Not only selling basic necessities, the place also offers sellers of clothes, accessories, fish and others like a general market.



The economic sector of Batam city is supported by three main sectors, namely the manufacturing industry, construction, and trade. The city is also part of a free trade zone within the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle. The tourism sector is one of Batam’s mainstays, where in 2019 it was able to make the Riau Islands the number 2 largest contributor to foreign tourists after Bali.

There are many industries in Batam so create this city as not only a destination for tourists but also for foreign workers to work. Therefore, Batam has a complete and integrated residential area in the form of a superblock built by PT Grand Uway Development. The 15-hectare project, nicknamed Grand Quarter, includes apartments, condominiums, hotels, waterparks, shopping centers, and sports by targeting foreign workers.

In addition, Meisterstadt Pollux Habibie Apartment built an iconic project in Batam in the form of an international standard integrated apartment in which there is a mall, 113 shophouses plus 4 apartment towers. To unwind after work or buy groceries, expatriates can visit the following malls where there are products from famous brands to imported goods are also available. So, the prices offered also vary greatly ranging from hundreds of thousands of rupiah to millions in the following malls:

  1. Harbour Bay Mall
  2. Diamond City Mall
  3. Batam City Square
  4. Mega Mall Batam
  5. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall
  6. One Batam Mall

Other alternatives to shop for daily necessities to pocket-friendly fashion can be seen below:

  1. Panbil Mall
  2. Plaza Batamindo
  3. Avava Mall
  4. Top 100 Matches
  5. Lucky Plaza Batam

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By Olina Rizki Arizal


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