A Toolkit for Addressing Difficulties in Accessing Comparable Data For Transfer Pricing Analyses

One of the discussion on this Toolkit is Many tax administrators report uncertainties and difficulties in conducting comparability analyses.

A key issue raised by developing countries, in particular, is the scarcity in some parts of the world of the financial data necessary to carry out a comparability analysis. Such issues can affect taxpayers and tax administrations alike. Taxpayers may face uncertainties about how to comply with transfer pricing rules and incur unnecessary compliance costs in doing so. Tax administrations may face difficulties in implementing their rules, which, in turn, will impact their tax revenues.
In many developing countries, challenges to obtaining information are not limited to specific, highly complex transactions: they may exist in all industries. For many resource-rich developing countries, a lack of data on the pricing of certain commodities is of particular concern.


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source : OECD







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