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We offer comprehensive excellent services to our clients

Tax Services

Our Tax Services is more that you can expected, with at least Two of Our Partners every works, will make your Tax Safe

Business Services

With experiences Partners and Experts, we believe our Business Services will make growth of your businesses


We have Division of International Tax and Transfer Pricing Center, serve your need of Training and Seminar

TBrights Portfolio

Most popular of our works.

Business Setup

We help you to manage business in Indonesia, setting up company, BKPM license and comprehensive with your People license for KITAS, KITAP, etc

Business Matching

TBrights will give you input of your business matching, connecting with other clients that will make your business growth in Indonesia.


TBrights help people to grow, with Our Experience Partner & Expert, we will give our knowledge with Training Program.

IT Services

TBrights collaborate with Lecturer from Binus & Gunadarma University, as well with some of College Students, in progress of making Information Technology system of Tax and Business. We will aslo can give your need of IT solution to your business.

Legal Services

Business Legal will handle by Mrs Tika, TBrights Associate, who will assist you from your legal contract review and all aspect of legal matters until assistancy to Public Court.

Comprehensive TAX

Comprehensive Tax Review and Planning, International Taxation Planning, Asisstancy of Tax Audit, Objection & Appeal, Transfer Pricing Review & Documentation are the most of TBrights portofolio.  

With Kismantoro Experiences, also as a Highest Certified Tax Consultant and Legal Tax Court Counsel, will lead and assist to minimize and solve your Tax Cases

Tax Audit, Objection and Appeal Cases

With Highest Certified Tax Consultant, Sri will lead Tax Audit and Objecton Assistance, Her knowledges and connections will help to solve cases.

Tax Audit and Objection Assistance

With Riza knowledge and experiences, Riza will lead to give you the best solution to manage your Financial and Tax Management

Financial dan Tax Management

As a Highest Certified Tax Consultant and Legal Tax Court Counsel, Rusmadi will lead and assist to minimize and solve your Tax Cases

Tax Audit, Objection & Appeal Assistance

International Tax and Transfer Pricing Review will lead by Olina, that she has many experiences handling and negotiating cases. Olina is Certified Tax Consultant and also can assist you to Tax Court as she is a Tax Attorney with License KH-01317.

International Tax -Transfer Pricing & Appeal Asisstance

With Tommy Knowledges and Experiences, he will lead Tax & Business Review with International and Domestic scheme to minimize Tax Risk and maximize Your Profit

Tax & Business Review

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We work witth clients and grow their businesses

December 12, 2018 No Comments

Sri Mulyani Bersiap Terapkan Perpajakan Digital Tahun Depan

JAKARTA – Menteri Keuangan (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani mengatakan, telah mengambil banyak keuntungan dalam pertemuan G-20 di Argentina dalam meningkatkan ekonomi Indonesia tahun depan. Salah satunya bakal menerapkan perpajakan digital, seiring perkembangan teknologi yang terus maju sehingga memudahkan penerimaan pajak. “Kerja sama positif banyak yang kita dapatkan di pertemuan G-20 seperti membahas perpajakan internasional yang berjalan […]

December 12, 2018 No Comments

RI Kantongi Penerimaan Perpajakan Rp 1.301 T Sampai November

Liputan6.com, Nusa Dua – Menteri Keuangan (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani Indrawati menyatakan, hingga 30 November 2018 penerimaan perpajakan mencapai Rp 1.301,4 triliun. Angka ini tumbuh 15,3 persen dibandingkan periode yang sama di 2017 yang hanya sebesar 3,2 persen. “Secara total penerimaan (pajak) kita tumbuhnya 15,3 persen untuk perpajakan. Atau kita sudah mengumpulkan Rp 1.301 triliun atau […]

September 12, 2018 No Comments

Data Rekening WNI di Luar Negeri Segera Bisa Diintip Petugas Pajak

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Mulai akhir September ini, saldo rekening bank WNI di bank luar negeri bakal bisa diintip oleh aparat pajak. Selain identitas pemilik rekening, nomor rekening, identitas lembaga keuangan, saldo rekening, penghasilan bunga yang diperoleh dari rekening juga bakal bisa dilihat petugas Ditjen Pajak. Data tersebut bakal terbuka bagi pajak seiring dimulainya pertukaran data […]

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